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En esta sección encontrarán test  de personalidad, amor, estaciones, entre otros... espero les gusten


Eres Buena (o) ligando

descubrelo haciendo este test

 Que Tipo De Anime Beso eres

(Ingles) si quieres saber como besas solamente debes responder unas cuantas preguntas de este increible test ^ o^

You have an intense kiss! You and your partner connect when you kiss and you forget about the rest of the world. Hey, call me!!! ^_~

 Que Tipo De Amiga Eres


You are the comforting friend. You like listening your friends deals and advicing them...that's really nice! You are caring and is always there for the ones you like!

Cual  Es Tu Perfecto Novio De Anime

(Ingles) romantic...he is the love of your life, you are the love of his life, you read poetry, make songs about each other...okie...sorry...I kinda over reacted just want someone who is true about his fellings...and makes you feel good about yourself.

Que Elemento eres 


You are water!

Test for you II

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