Test for you II

¿Cual mago de sakura card captor eres?


¿Que chico de beyblade es tu mejor amigo?


Your guy is...... Tyson Granger!!

Story: You grew up in Japan and still lives there.

Your funny and loves to hang out with him. You like him even though he can be irritating. And you both love to eat.

 El chico de anime que es justo para ti



Kurama: The sweet,romantic,caring,smart,strong,brave,hot,cute,handsome need I go on ^_- your one lucky girl for having Kurama as your dream LUCKY!! *swoon/shoujo eyes*

 ¿Qué personalidad de anime tienes?



you are Miss. Cool you never lose it in a heated situation and you work well under pressure. You always know what to say, or at least you make it sound like you do! You're a loyal and good friend! Lucky you!

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